So you’ve decided to go for cremation. You’ve chosen your songs, the sandwiches and the appropriate selfie to go on the front of your funeral program. But have you thought about where your ashes are going to spend eternity?

FUNERAL FYI: Ashes are not technically ashes. During the cremation process all organic material burns away leaving bones which are ground down into dust in a special machine. This dust is basically inorganic which means you cannot grow trees from it….. *cough cough* bio urn.

Most of you probably have a special place you’d like to be scattered but what about you guys who are more the indoors type? You’re going to need a pretty special forever house.
The funeral industry has many options for ashes containers and some of these are stunning. However, why limit yourself to what the industry is offering you? Look around you. If it’s got a lid it can hold ashes.

I went on a hunt for alt-urn-atives (funeral puns!) and discovered the only limitation is your imagination. I’ve always been set on a green burial but some of these vessels are just too gorgeous!!  I’ve picked out a few of my favourites here but you can see a whooooole world of jazzy urn alternatives on the Winding Sheet’s Pinterest page.


diy funeralDIY funeralDIY funeral



e48ddc478c0db27eb2e17e74a304c947132bff661b38aa5a5fc0962ed74d623aDIY funeral

This Magic Oven cookie jar is THE ONE!!  Also…Casper and Death Star anyone??!!  Come on!  I’m here all week…….

DIY funeralfbe2013d58396600915879d0299bdc21a68c4ab0d2a5ee90def0779ad5a1b418



So many options!!  Next time you’re at a car boot sale look out for hidden urn treasure.

Massive love xxx

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