Melting Memorials

When you think about grave markers 9 times out of 10 you’re probably going to be imaging the classic headstone.
I spend a lot of time thinking about alternative ways to mark graves and today I’ve come up with something a little different for you……

diy funerallove%20ice

A beautiful block of ice could serve as a stunning temporary memorial that melts back into the earth. This could work particularly well in spaces where permanent markers are not allowed such as green burial grounds or an area where you’ve scattered your loved one’s ashes.

You could even freeze cremated remains into the ice and place the block in some beautiful green space or in the sea and allow it to melt in its own time (please always check local regulations before depositing ashes).

diy funeral

Ice memorials can be quite simple to make and you can incorporate all kinds of things into them such as seasonal flowers or bird friendly berries and nuts to feed the local wildlife. How about using rain water collected in your garden to make it more eco-friendly.

flowers in icediy funeral

You could use jelly moulds, cake tins or even sand castle buckets to build up beautiful shaped memorials. Or start with a block and (carefully!) carve words, patterns and shapes into it with a screw driver.

diy funeraldiy funeral

I’ve started a Pinterest board to collect melting memorial ideas, and tutorials for making simple and beautiful DIY ice sculptures at home can be found here, here and here. If you’re worried about how long it would last on a sunny day you’d be surprised how long it takes a decent sized block of ice to melt. With UK temperatures I’m sure it would last for at least the duration of a ceremony. If you do have concerns though it might be sensible to road test one in your garden before hand.

diy funeral

I love the idea of the ice melting and returning to earth reflecting what is happening beneath the soil.  Beautiful.

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