A DIY Halloween Funeral

Hello folks!  The eve of All Hallows is almost upon us and I for one am so ready for it.  It shares the top spot with Christmas for being one of my favourite festivals (mainly because I’m mildly obsessed with fancy dress).

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to look into some funeral ideas for other people who are mega Halloween fans like myself. I for one would love to have a couple of candle lit pumpkins around my grave. Who wouldn’t right??

Over on Pinterest you can see a whole board dedicated to Halloween funerals but I wanted to show you guys a few of my favourite things. Most of these things can be easily DIYed and wouldn’t break the bank. It might seem a bit ‘gaudy’ to go mad with a theme but I think even a little nod to something that you or your loved one was passionate about is such a beautiful tribute.

Ok, are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

First let’s set the scene.  I’m sure there are health and safety reasons/people don’t want to work late but I really think that a candle lit evening ceremony is stunning (it’s definitely what I want).  If crematoriums and burial grounds won’t allow it there is absolutely nothing to stop you having a ceremony in your own home or in another public space like a park or the beach.  The scene below created by A Fanciful Twist is absolutely gorgeous and a subtle nod to Halloween lovers.  The white candle lit pumpkins are another beautiful idea and so simple to DIY.  If you’re worried about fire risks you can always swap a conventional candle for an LED one.

halloween diy funeral

halloween diy funeral

I love how versatile pumpkins are.  Here are another couple of brilliant DIY ideas and both are incredibly simple and cheap to make.  The candle stick pumpkins were made by Woman’s Day and you can find the tutorial here.  The lace covered pumpkins were made by Better Homes & Garden and the tutorial can be found here.  Happy crafting!!

halloween diy funeral

halloween diy funeral

Ok, maybe this might be a little over the top for some people but for true fans of all things Halloweeny I think this is brilliant. The coffin-shaped tables might be a bit tricky to make but you could easily replicate the chair covers with pillow cases and fabric paint.

halloween diy funeral

What about some Halloween themed floral tributes?  I absolutely LOVE these roses with little eyeballs in them and they would be super easy to DIY.  You can buy plastic eyes on eBay very cheaply.  The Jack-O-Lantern vase is also a really lovely thing to make and could be adapted with any design you like!  I found the tutorial on We Heart Parties.

Halloween DIY Funeral

Halloween DIY Funeral

These Halloween wreaths are really cute and could all be DIYed with a bit of patience.  The tutorial for the monster eye wreath can be found on Craftster.  The black n white skull wreath was made by The Chic-Adee Shop and the feather wreath was created by Allwaysbloomindesign.

Halloween DIY Funeral

These ghost urns by Anna Marinenko are absolutely stunning as well as being a bit tongue in cheek.  If I was going to be cremated I would definitely be going for one of these.  Always leave them laughing!

Halloween DIY Funeral

If burials are more your thing then how about a Ouija board themed coffin?  The picture below is a Ouija board by Steve Hartwell but this is definitely something you could easily paint on a coffin yourself.

Halloween DIY Funeral

And finally, who doesn’t need a graveyard cheese board in their life?

Halloween DIY Funeral

I’m going to be posting some funeral DIY tutorials soon so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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