A Day of the Dead Funeral

Hi folks!  After a very busy Halloween weekend it’s time to catch up and show you some more funeral inspiration.  I’ve already shown you some Halloween ideas but now it’s time to go to Mexico and show you some beautiful Dia de Muertos options.

Day of the Dead is a three day festival that runs from October 31st to November 2nd each year. It is a time when families gather around the graves of their loved ones to pray and remember them. They decorate the graves with stunning bright flowers, candles, sugar skulls and other meaningful objects. The imagery of the festival has become very popular in other cultures and these days you can often see people with Day of the Dead tattoos or painting their faces like sugar skulls for Halloween.

As it is a day for remembering and honouring the dead I think it would make a perfect base for a stunning funeral. The bright colours add a true sense of celebration that really lifts the spirits (no pun intended!).

I’ve pulled out a few things that would be a beautiful nod to this wonderful festival as well as being fairly easy to DIY.

Flowers and Grave Decorations
Traditionally graves are decorated with blankets of marigolds. The warmth that their golden colour brings is a truly comforting sight. The addition of candles adds an air of peace and tranquility that lends itself to quiet reflection and remembrance.

day of the dead funeral day of the dead funeral day of the dead funeral day of the dead funeral day of the dead funeral

Below is a more modern take on the theme:

day of the dead funeral

Wreaths and Keepsakes
Non floral wreaths can be a beautiful keepsake of the funeral and ones made from scraps of felt, like the example below, can be easily DIYed at home. The whole family could make something small to add to it.

day of the dead funeral

day of the dead funeral

Another beautiful keepsake could be these crosses made from bits of old jewellery. Perhaps you could make them from parts of the deceased’s old jewellery or some of their crockery that has been broken up.

day of the dead funeral

Coffins, Urns and Shrouds
The beautiful bright colours and designs can be easily transferred onto coffins and urns and even shrouds. Day of the Dead fabric is readily available these days.

day of the dead funeral

day of the dead funeral

day of the dead funeral

If you are having an open coffin (or even if you’re not) how about adorning your loved one with a beautiful floral wreath. Use vines instead of wire to keep it earth friendly. Or how about making them for all the attendees. What a glorious and uplifting sight it would be to see a crowd all wearing these stunning flower crowns.

day of the dead funeral

day of the dead funeral

This crown was made by Hikari Designs

The Trimmings
The internet is an incredible resource for all things DIY so I have included these links to get you started. There are instructions for how to make a traditional papel picado, sugar skull marshmallows and a whole printable Day of the Dead celebration kit.

You can check out more Dia de Muertos inspiration on the Pinterest page along with lots of other funeral ideas.

Massive death positive love to you all,


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