My Last Hurrah

Funeral Plan - My Last Hurrah

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Ahhhh smell the crisp clean air and the feel the fresh wave of hope. At this time of year we’re thinking about the positive changes we want to make in our lives.  Which makes it the perfect time to join the gym, buy a vegetable juicer, plan your funeral!!

Throw the perfect life-leaving party

To help you do this I have created My Last Hurrah.  My Last Hurrah is a super simple way to help your family throw a truly personal leaving party when you die.

Download and print forms for burial, cremation or body donation. Just fill one out, give a copy to your next of kin and chuck one in with your other important documents.

My Last Hurrah – Burial

My Last Hurrah – Cremation

My Last Hurrah – Body Donation

My Last Hurrah – Notes (an extra page for all those special little details)

Help your family and have fun

You can help your family make the right decisions for your funeral, eg make sure you’re buried in your favourite dress, make sure they play that Neil Young song…

You can make sure your funeral is about love and not money – helping your family avoid spending on unnecessary things.

And once you’re done, get on with living your wondrous life of untamed joy and frivolity! 🙂

So make it your new year’s resolution to record your funeral wishes.

See these brilliant guys for more info on funerals and end of life stuff.

The Natural Death Centre
The Good Funeral Guide
The Order of the Good Death
Dying Matters
Dead Social
Down To Earth

death positive funeral blog

Massive death positive love to you all,

Joanna x

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