Nana-chan; A Japanese Pet Funeral

When my husband’s Shiba died I was invited to take part in her beautiful Japanese pet funeral.


A Magical Walk Through Rakowicki Cemetery

Considering I’m such an advocate for green burial and a ‘leave no trace’ mind set, I don’t half love a cemetery. I was recently lucky enough to visit the beautiful Rakowicki Cemetery in Krakow whilst it was dusted with snow. ┬áThe cemetery was built in about 1800 but has expanded massively┬ásince then. It now covers…

Real Funerals – Nan

I’m going to be sharing some real funeral stories on The Winding Sheet. I hope these will help inspire, comfort and instill some confidence in your own abilities to organise a beautiful funeral when the time comes. We can learn so much from other people’s experiences (both positive and negative). We can gain some brilliant…